Moon Spinners

Sally Goldenbaum is a a writer of mystery books ├índ a knitter. No wonder yarn and knitting projects turn up in her novels. Especialy in the Seaside Knitters Mysteries, a series of mistery books about a group of knitters in the small town of Sea Harbour, Massachusetts. Besides discussing knitting projects these friends also succeed in solving serveral crimes! 

In the third book in these series the Fishy (or preferably called Death Fish Hat in these case!) plays a role. At the end of the book, the knitting pattern is printed.

A quote from Moon Spinners:

 "...Cass pulled down a knit hat and laid it on her lap, unfinished. She looked down at it and smilde. It ws a colorfull combination of brilliant wool yarns.
Nell looked over. "Cass, what is that?"
"It's the fish hat I told you abut. I found it on I love it. "The mouth of the fish had a bright red border, a hole where someone's face would eventually go. On the sides, fins flapped out in bright green and yellow yarn."

Moonspinners is published by Obsedian Mystery
ISBN: 97 804 512 29 885
304 pag.

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