Crochet Fish

Crochet-lovers can crochet there Fishy too. There are now three patterns to choose from. 
The first one is free. The other two used to be free patterns, but you have to pay for them now.


 - Stinky Fish hat, by Catrina Usher. FREE!  You have to become a Ravelry-member to get the PDF.  No problem, because Ravelry is a wonderfull crafty community and it is free. 

- Jessica Flowers (jflowers on Ravelry) converted the knitting pattern to crochet. Hook on to this pattern on her Crafty Momma blog. Edit 2012: Sorry, this pattern is not free anymore. The next one still is. 

- Another free crochet fishy pattern was made by Wendybird and can be found here Edit nov 2013: Not free anymore either. 

              picture by Wendybird)

(picture by Jessica Flowers)


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