Fishy Patterns

The free pattern of Fishy is written in English. If you prefer a Dutch, French of even Finnish or Portuguese pattern, you can find it here. And there is more. The Dead Fish Hat pattern is even converted to knitting machine and to crochet!

Dutch Fishy / Dooie Vis

Danish Fishy / Fiskehue 

French Fishy / Poisson Mort 

Finnish Fishy /Kala Pipo

Norwegian Fishy 

Hebrew Fishy

Portuguese Fishy/Gorro Peixe

Spanish Fishy 

Italian Fishy

Russian Fishy 

Tote Fisch (German)

Machine knit Fishy

Hook on to crochet Fishy

Fishy inspired patterns:

Half Fish Beanie

Scarfish (a.k.a. Dead Fish Scarf)

Fishy Mittens (coming soon)