Look at this!

* Math teacher Lisa Holmes improved math results of her students by using Fish Hats as bait!

* Shocking News Flash! The fish hat is connected with murder! But relax, it's only in a book... In 'Moon Spinners', a Seaside Knitters Mistery written by Sally Goldenbaum. Reed more about it here

* Would you like to see a lot of Fish hats in all sorts of colors, motifs and stripings and a lot ideas for eyes? Visit Ravelry, become a free member (you probably already are!)  and swim around the project pages.

* A leading role for a Dead Fish hat in one of the hilarious Photo strips
created by 
Ype and Willem. Check this out. (sorry, link is broken)

* Jennie Breeden made a great comic about the Fish hat.

* The Fish Hat was published in a pattern book for charity!



Meet Inga Purl!
Miss Elsies yarnery held a contest to name the big fish. The winning name is Inga, referring to the Swedish settlers that founded the town of Lindstrom. Purl was chosen for the middle name (a real knittery name course). Read more about Inga here.


May 2010:   
Sensational News Flash... Fishy is connected with a serious murder case.
But relax, only in a novel, titeled 
'Moon Spinners'. It's Sally Goldenbaum's new mystery book about the Seaside Knitters. The Dead fish hat playes a part in it! Read more about it here:  


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